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Chicago, IL


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My work is about the beauty of how forms work with each other, very similar to classical music. My work is free form, yet structured. The use of color, shapes and form blend with each other to give what I think are some remarkable effects.

Each of my works evolves through many stages. Like an orchestral work, I create different elements on layers (like the different instruments in an orchestra). These layers overlap, some being transparent, some bold and bright. As I create, I tweak each aspect of the art until I am satisfied with the finished product. I look at myself as a conductor when I bring each element in and out of the overall work to create vibrant musical color.

I have had many requests to have my art in square versions. This art is a modified version of art that is already on this web site. I have tried to keep the same feeling in this square version as I did when I created the original. I have created a special gallery to showcase these square versions of some of my art pieces.

I have two web sites (My Personal Website) (The Fine Art America site for my work)


Newest Art - Rectangular

Abstracts - Rectangular

Animals - Rectangular

Inspired By Film TV and Music - Rectangular

Floral & Garden - Rectangular

Unique & Historical - Rectangular

Architectural - Rectangular

The Wright Stuff - Rectangular

Spiritual - Rectangular

Abstract Dragons - Rectangular

Based on Kanji Symbols - Rectangular

Best Sellers - Rectangular

Newest Art - Square

Abstracts - Square

Animals - Square

Inspired By Film TV and Music - Square

Floral & Garden - Square

Unique & Historical - Square

Architectural - Square

The Wright Stuff - Square

Spiritual - Square

Abstract Dragons - Square

Based on Kanji Symbols - Square

Best Sellers - Square